Project Green Leaf


Supported Agriculture (CSA): Farmer to Limited Resource Household Project

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Farmer to Limited Resoure Household Project, completed in March 2004, was funded by the Food Policy Council of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and being coordinated by Project Green Leaf.

The goal for this project was to assist small-scale growers with experience in operating Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) arrangements and limited resource households in North Carolina.  This project broadened the practicality of CSAs by providing assistance for more equitable access to fresh farm products.

The Food Policy Council contributed up to $2,000.00 to 10 CSA farms in the Piedmont region of North Carolina to subsidize the cost of 4-6 full shares for limited resource households.  

Project Green Leaf, in conjunction with members of the Food Policy Council and other organizations, identified households in need of assistance that were in close proximity to a farmers market or distribution site. Shares were either delivered with the help of volunteers from the Socity of St. Andrews or picked up by participants.

 If you have further questions about this program, or would like to start a CSA project in your community, please contact us by phone: (336)256-1164, or email, .

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