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Links and Resources


United States Department of Agriculture
North Carolina Department of Agriculture
North Carolina Cooperative Extension
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
Small Farms – Cornell University’s Small Farm Program
SARE-  Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (USDA)
RAFI – Rural Advancement Foundation International
American School Food Sevice Association (ASFSA)
Robyn Van En Center for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Resources
“Growing Small Farms”  Sustainable Farming Program of the Chatham Co. Cooperative Extension
National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs
Cooperative Grocer Online- A Bi-Monthly Magazine for Food Cooperatives
Growing for Market Newsletter- “News and Ideas for Market Gardeners”
American Small Farm Magazine
The Vegetable Growers News Online Newspaper

Organic Certification and Resources Links:

Oregon Tilth- Organic Certification Agency
Florida Organic Growers and Consumers, Inc.- Organic Certification Agency
Organic Trade Association
Organic Gardening Magazine


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