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Information For Farmers

tomato boxesSelling your farm products to restaurants can be a valuable direct marketing method. Many chefs and restaurant owners realize the benefits of using the freshest ingredients in their recipes.  Chefs are aware of the public’s interest in gourmet foods and eating healthy.  The public (or eaters) is  aware that fresh, local food tastes better and many are eager to support their local farmers.


Like other direct marketing methods, selling to restaurants allows you to have direct contact with the person buying, and often cooking, your product.

  • Offers an outlet throughout the growing season
  • Chef provide feedback about your product and service
  • Some restaurants pay a premium price for quality products
  • Some restaurants advertise “locally grown” on their menus, including the name of the farm
  • Advertising for your farm; a bonus if your have other direct marketing outlets such as farmers markets, roadside stands or a CSA arrangement

Things to Consider:

  • Consistency in quality and reliability of service and delivery
  • Restaurants have limited cooler space, requiring frequent deliveries of small quantities
  • Restaurants accept deliveries only at certain hours of the day
  • Multiple restaurant delivery arrangements may be needed to justify time and costs
  • Proper packaging of products, easily stored in coolers or on shelves
  • Clean, sanitary, fresh, quality products (no seconds!)

Chatham County Cooperative Extension has compiled a very helpful list of tips for selling and marketing to retail stores and restaurants- click here

If you are interested in finding out more information about establishing a restaurant agreement, contact Project Green Leaf at (336)256-0439 or