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Wild Caught Fishing Project

Susan at AquariumCarteret Catch

The mission of the Carteret Catch program is to sustain the livelihood and heritage of the Carteret County fishing industry through public marketing and education. Carteret Catch represents a joint venture between the county’s fishing industry and local restaurants to advertise seasonal seafood caught by Carteret County fishermen.

How Project Green Leaf connects with Carteret Catch: The staff’s experience in direct marketing among small-scale farmers and the public made it possible to provide support for small-scale fishermen and others in the industry to develop alternative niche markets for local seafood.

Carteret Catch contacted Dr. Susan Andreatta of Project Greenleaf and UNCG for assistance in a social marketing project for the fishermen of Carteret County. North Carolina Sea Grant provided grant funds for interviews with the fishermen and consumers to determine their interest in new marketing strategies. The project was funded through 2008.